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New Family Pictures!

New Family Pictures!

My good friend, Kristina loves to take pictures. She swears she’s still learning but I swear she does a great job πŸ™‚ What do you think??

Of course, she did have to work around my kids silly faces…


Love my kiddos!!


And my hubby, of course πŸ™‚


I liked our clothes colors with the yellow and white striped covering. Just fun.


And by the lake.


Individual shots:







Julianna (of course the curtsy was her idea)









The trio together. Love that they are sisters who really love each other!


My handsome boys:


I love taking family photos. My kids, not so much. They try to humor me a little bit though and end up being good sports. But I was told by the photographer that she took quite a few shots were at least one of my kids was making a funny or weird face. Doesn’t surprise me.

At least they’re cute!

Thanks Kristina for some great family photos πŸ™‚


Cute Comes in Triplicate!! (and on Swings…)




This year my girls helped make their Easter outfits. In sewing class, we began work on our skirts a few weeks ago and we got them done just in time for Easter Sunday. Alyssa isn’t taking lessons yet but Julianna and Rachel are and they are getting the hang of it. It’s pretty cute to see a 7-year-old run a sewing machine and I’ve just been thrilled with the idea that I can now sit down and sew something without freaking out.

It’s kind of a big deal πŸ™‚

Well, to me anyway.

And since it’s Spring and we were outside taking pictures anyway and the girls were all dressed up and adorable it seemed like the perfect time to take their annual swing pictures!

Julianna Mabel: my girly girl and born leader. She loves to act older than she is. Right now she thinks if she wears clothes that say size 10 or shoes that are too big that she will somehow grow faster. She takes to most sports quickly and easily though I have yet to enroll her in any official sports activity – she just seems to enjoy all things physical. Doesn’t mean she’s not doing well academically though – she’s doing quite well and remains at the top of her class. She’s an overall sweet and loveable little girl!

April 2007 (5 months old)


April 2008 (17 months old)


April 2009 (29 months old)


April 2010 (3 years, 5 months old)


April 2011 (4 years, 5 months old)


April 2012 – I believe this was actually taken in May so she was 5 1/2 year old


April 2013 (6 years, 5 months old)


April 2014 – and today (7 years, 5 months old)


In the skirt she helped sew:


Rachel Gabrielle: Still my little artist, Rachel has also become a great reader and a sweet little girl. She’s shy though talkative to those who know her. She is also enjoying sewing but art is still her first love and she takes every opportunity to create a card or picture or other design for me or her dad or anyone else in need of a little bit cheering up. She loves being around her family and is always super cuddly – I love getting hugs from my little baby girl!

April 2007 (5 months old)


April 2008 (17 months old)


April 2009 (29 months old)


April 2010 (3 years, 5 months old)


April 2011 (4 years, 5 months old)


April 2012 – I believe this was actually taken in May so she was 5 1/2 year old


April 2013 (6 years, 5 months old)


April 2014 – and today (7 years, 5 months old)


In the skirt she helped sew:


Alyssa Elaine: my vibrant and full-of-life “baby” girl. As the youngest of the trio and the family she lives up to her title as the baby of the family. She still loves to play with toys and I find her often sitting quietly, in her own world playing with her Pet Shops or Polly Pockets or other small toy set she has. Reading has come harder for her but she’s learning and always retaining more information than I expect. Alyssa is still the loudest and she still loves hanging out with the boys but she’d never want to spend a night without her sisters!

April 2007 (5 months old)


April 2008 (17 months old)


April 2009 (29 months old)


April 2010 (3 years, 5 months old)


April 2011 (4 years, 5 months old)


April 2012 – I believe this was actually taken in May so she was 5 1/2 year old


April 2013 (6 years, 5 months old)


April 2014 – and today (7 years, 5 months old)


In the skirt I sewed! (She found it interesting to watch and I think she’ll learn someday but not quite yet)


What a change right?! It’s amazing to see how much they’ve changed and how quickly by little babies have grown up. In fact, those first pictures were taken on days I took the girls out to the swings just to keep my sanity and keep the girls happy while they were awake!! Now they can go outside on their own and swing till their hearts content.

All three girls on the swings – they find it amusing that in the right order their first initials spell “JAR”…


The girls have been a joy to raise and I look forward to many more years with them – because, after all, 7 is still little right?!

End of the Year Recap


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Love, Kirk, Dorinda, Kaitlyn, Caleb, Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa

What in the world? How did two months go by since I last posted?? And how is 2013 almost over?

Well, let’s see – in the past two months:

– Caleb turned 10


My one and only son is 10 – double digits – so hard to believe. He is one sweet boy and while I’m not ready for him to grow up I do enjoy watching him get older.

– the triplets turned 7

–Β and got new American Girl dolls


Julianna Mabel – 7 years – reading chapter books and missing her two front teeth!!


Rachel Gabrielle – 7 years – reading chapter books and loving school – she also loves cleaning which works out great for me πŸ™‚


Alyssa Elaine – 7 years – as you can see still as crazy and silly as ever! This is the girl that dances through the Christmas performance and tests the microphone just because but she always makes us laugh!!

Β – we finally had our master bathroom fixed/remodeled – huge job…

Β – we went to Florida

– we celebrated Thanksgiving

– we surprised the kids with 2 days at Disney World for Christmas (just a few photos from our trip – I won’t bore you with a ton!)


Why do I look more excited than them? I think they’re ready for rides and not stopping for pictures!


Grandma and Grandpa got to come with us on our first day there – like icing on the cake for the kid’s surprise πŸ™‚


Me and my Dad.


I think everyone who goes to Disney World has this shot but I still had to take it.


Three of my favorite princesses!!


Lunch at Belle’s Castle.


Last night there – no one wanted to leave!

Β Β Β – the girls had their 7th birthday party at the American Girl doll store


We had to wait to celebrate their birthday until December 7th – no idea who the girl behind us is πŸ™‚

– we had the kid’s bathroom remodeled – I’d like to say it’s because we wanted a new look but really it was because we didn’t want them to fall through the floor

– assisted my friend (really she did all the work – I just did what she told me to) making all the costumes (I have no pictures of this)

– I directed and the kids acted in the school’s first Christmas play (somehow I don’t have any of this either – I think I was too busy…)

– we celebrated Christmas





Is it any wonder I’m broke??

(side note: rule for January – spend no money – oh wait, that won’t work… we have another bathroom to remodel, err.. fix!!)

(2nd side note: THIS is what I do with all my “free” time while the kids are in school)

And that is probably the quickest recap of 2 months I’ve ever done. Just days away from new resolutions and I’m pretty sure I haven’t filled this year’s yet. Oh well, that’s what a “new” year is for – starting over and trying again! I’m all for that πŸ™‚

Crazy, Fun Week (Month!)


This past week was Crazy Week at school which of course means dressing up in fun, crazy costumes.

The kids LOVE it.

Mom and Dad a little less so.

Not that we don’t think the kids look adorable all dressed up but pulling together 6 costumes a day for 5 days in a row is incredibly exhausting!

But before I share Crazy Week photos I better share some hair cut photos lest you wonder who these pictures are actually of πŸ™‚

The triplets have been begging for haircuts for a while and we haven’t had the time to get in and get it done.

That changed two weeks ago and well, here are the results:


Yes, giving your sister bunny ears it the most fun ever…

So yea, they now look nothing like the family pictures in the previous post! Their hair is gone.

Despite my sadness at their shorter hair the girls love it and getting them ready in the morning is much faster and filled with a lot less tears.







Not to be left out, Caleb who really did need a haircut said it would be okay if my friend also cut his hair. He was very surprised when he liked it since it wasn’t a “boy” haircut place, per se. Don’t worry, he didn’t have any girly products or anything. My friend is a mom of 2 boys so she knows how to cut a guys hair!

And isn’t he just so handsome?!



Kaitlyn, on the other hand, has no problems at all being left out of the hair party! She did NOT want hers cut off and it was all I could do to convince her she at least needed a trim to keep her hair healthy. At least she let my friend play with her hair a little πŸ™‚ I mean, how cute is she?!




Close-Up and without the phone!!

As the name implies last week was Crazy Week. For us every week is crazy week but this time the school actually admits to it!

On Monday it’s “Sports Day”

Heads up. We are not big sports people.

So, our “costumes” are a tad lame, er, simple


The big kids costumes weren’t any better.

Tuesday though we had a winner in the family – Caleb won for best costume.


I think you’ll agree – he looks the part!!


Kaitlyn went with her favorite activity – baking. She makes great cookies and loves to bake for us so the costume seemed only natural – complete with store bought pastries to bribe the judges πŸ™‚


As for the triplets we had a teacher, a scientist and an artist. Rachel also won best costume on Tuesday though how the judges decided between the three of them that day I’ll never know! I think they all did a great job and put a lot of thought into their outfits.


Wednesday was Bible Character day. There are many “characters” in the Bible but there aren’t that many costumes so as you can imagine there were quite a few angels at school:

DSC_0674and Queen Esthers:


and Pharoah’s Daughter (we had 2 but only Kaitlyn won best costume):


And then, of course, Caleb went for the obscure Bible character. No, not Caleb, Othneal. Sure – I’m sure Othneal dressed like this πŸ™‚


Thursday was Wacky Day and I didn’t get individual pictures of everyone but Alyssa won best costume by dressing inΒ a horse costume and then put a bathing suit on top of it. All her idea and it was pretty funny. Sadly, I only got a picture of her with someone else not in our family so I can’t post it here. But it was a costume that had everyone laughing and the judges were impressed that the idea came out of her own imagination.

Friday was School Spirit Day and I failed to get pictures all together that day. The week just got crazier as we went along and Friday was the worst. However, Julianna won best costume on Friday so everyone got a chance to have the best costume πŸ™‚

Our week ended with the school fall festival and for me was the end of my work on one of the school’s biggest fundraiser’s. I spend a crazy amount of time putting items together for baskets to be auctioned off at a silent auction. Me with the biggest basket – the smile is because the auction went well and my big job is behind me for another year!!

DSC_0402 (2)

We’ve had lots of fun already this fall and we’re looking forward to a whole lot more as we celebrate Caleb’s 10th birthday and the triplet’s 7th birthday in just a few more short days. Sniff sniff.

But I can’t end this post without wishing my mom a very, very Happy Birthday!! My mom’s biggest wish every year is for a clean house and a happy home. Being far from her I can’t grant either wish but I know when we’re with her we’re all very happy so hopefully that will count. I love my mom, of course and it brings me great joy to see how much she loves my kids and how much they love her back. They look forward to seeing her and talking to her all the time and we all can’t wait to see her again soon.

Happy Birthday Mom. We love you!

Fall Family Fotos (Um, Photos)


After 2 years we FINALLY got some family photos done and I’m excited to share them!

The whole family πŸ™‚

DSC_3620-2 Resize

DSC_3645-2 Resize

DSC_3658-2 Resize

Just the Kiddos…

DSC_3663-2 Resize


DSC_3777-2 Resize


DSC_3758-2 Resize


DSC_3711-2 Resize


DSC_3709-2 Resize


DSC_3728-2 Resize

And the trio together (I love how happy they look in this photo!)

DSC_3745-2 Resize

Though this one isΒ a little more “sweet”:

DSC_3747-2 Resize

More of just the five kiddos!

DSC_3796-2 Resize

This may be my favorite family photo – I love the bridge:

DSC_3810-2 Resize

And my favorite photo of all the kids together – this really makes me think of a Gymboree ad! Of course it could be that the girls are all decked out in Gymboree clothes but I swear I’ve seen something just like this on their site – though my kids weren’t in that one πŸ™‚ (they should have been right?!)

DSC_3825-2 Resize

Just the girls…

DSC_3818-2 Resize

All the girls:

DSC_3829-2 Resize

And then we did some fun shots on the playground – I love candid shots and I think the kids smiled and opened up a lot more once we got over there!

DSC_3857-2 Resize

DSC_3854-2 Resize

DSC_3856-2 Resize

And to keep it fair because there weren’t any playground pics for Rachel and Kaitlyn I’m putting some others up – because it all has to be as even as possible in my world!!

DSC_3821-2 Resize

DSC_3778-2 Resize

All because two people fell in love (and God was gracious to grant me five amazing children who I love more and more with each passing year!)

DSC_3691-2 Resize

Hopefully that wasn’t foto (er, photo) overload but I had to share!


Vacation’s Over and School Begins!!


The school year has begun and now I have an 8th grader, a 4th grader and THREE 1st graders.


Those are real grades – no “pre” anything unless you count 8th grade as “pre-high-school” but I really don’t want to do that!

I started this post ages ago to try and post pictures from our summer but failed to get it done! So, before we get too far into the school year I thought I’d post some pictures from the summer.

Caleb and Grandpa working on a project together:


Celebrating Kaitlyn’s birthday at church with Aubree too:


Getting a few goodies from Grandma and Grandpa (sorry about Caleb’s face – it was the only photo that came out!)


Visiting with some great friends:


Since our family is a little on the larger side we don’t get to do too many large activities due to cost but every once in a while we get some fun treats like spending the day with Aunt Kim and cousin Aubree at a Children’s Museum:


Inside the “house” complete with a “garden”


Pretending to be firefighters


Kaitlyn pretending to be a Veterinarian.

Okay, I’m feeling a little bad about this – this is the ONLY picture I took of Caleb in the museum and of course it came out blurry!! He and Kaitlyn roamed together through the museum while I stayed with the girls so I got less photos of Kaitlyn and Caleb.


Caleb climbing the rock wall.


Alyssa and Rachel digging for “treasure” – they were really excited to find some under the sand – too bad it wasn’t real.


Julianna’s shopping at “Publix”


Alyssa’s ready to check her out!


Rachel’s doing some artwork with Aubree!

And once Kirk arrived we headed back to the beach but this time we went to a private island by boat!



Grandpa was our boat driver.


All of us on the boat – photo taken by my brother, Michael.


Even I have to admit we had a great time on the boat and the beach.

Of course, most of our time was spent in the pool!


After the pool, our second favorite spot was the Library! The kids loved checking out new books every week but were also able to enjoy other activities like Movie Day complete with free popcorn and water (hits this mom right in her cheapskate spot!) and Lego day where everyone came in and built whatever they wanted for a while. Not quite Legoland but still they had fun.



Our last weekend before school started we went to the Chesapeake on a church retreat. And look who went with us!


Angela came for a visit! We had a great week with her and were so glad she went with us on the retreat.


A walk with friends on the water. Kaitlyn with some of her best friends.


The girls loved their time away and wished it could have been longer.

Playing tether ball.


Fun at the pool! One last dip before summer ends.


After the pool it was time to go Banana Boating!


Everyone enjoyed the crazy boat ride (not pictured: Kaitlyn)

But then it was back to reality. Time to say goodbye again to Angela and get ready for school.

And we once again have the privilege of hosting an exchange student from China. Our new “daughter” is Luna. She’s excited to be here but nervous about learning the language. I look forward to seeing how she grows this year!


Yearly photo of the 1st day taken by the front door.


And in front of the family van.

It’s so hard for me to believe that the years go by so fast. It seems like yesterday that the girls were starting Kindergarten. And what is even weirder is that Kaitlyn was in 1st grade when I was pregnant with the triplets. The fact that they are now that age is mind-blowing.

I am praising God for my children and praying that they have a wonderful year ahead of them!

Catching Some Big Waves in Florida


If you know me, you know I’m not a beach person.

At all.

I must explain. Being there is okay but the sand in EVERYTHING and the coming and going I can do without – the packing to go and then the leaving with all the sand and feeling gross. Yeah, I hate that part.

But it’s Florida and being so close to the beach means you have to go at least once so we did.

And today we didn’t find calm seas but huge, crashing waves. Not surprising given all the weather we’ve had but it meant no calm swimming in the gulf.


No calm seas here – look at those waves! And they just kept coming.


Lunch time in the wind with Grandpa – had to sit on the chairs or they would blow away!


Caleb’s ready to take on the waves. Even if he doesn’t match πŸ™‚ But I’m betting that’s just a mom thing!


Kaitlyn and Caleb keeping Rachel and Alyssa from getting pulled under the waves and away from the rocks.


Julianna’s venturing in.


Everyone but Rachel braving the waves. She is pretty tiny and the waves pushed her right over.


Tiny doesn’t mean she’s not adorable!!


Caleb, Kaitlyn and Grandpa having a great time in the waves.


Kaitlyn’s in that wave somewhere πŸ™‚


All the girls playing in the sand – I think this was their favorite part. When we were done they were still digging!


I did venture in the water but every time I did I had to hold a triplet or two tight to make sure the waves didn’t take her away!


After swimming the kids were feeding the seagulls some leftover bread. Not sure who had more fun, the kids or the birds.


Why oh why is it so hard to get five kids to look forward and smile??!!


Also, Rachel’s eyes don’t open and Alyssa can’t give me a good face. I kept trying and this is the best I got!

And some more pictures because well, I think my kids are cute and it’s my blog so yep, more photos!! Also, I’ve got to get something good out of going to the beach and great outdoor pics are what I get. Clearly, I’m not a photographer but occasionally I get a photo I like and have to share.


Rachel running in the sand.


Just did not want to sit on the bench swing.


The mask just cracks me up.

Even though I prefer the pool to the beach we had a pretty good day fighting the surf and playing in the sand.