Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015


I love Christmas and New Years. It’s my favorite time of year but this past year was just plain crazy. Being gone over Thanksgiving and then coming home sick meant December was halfway over before I came up for air. So, it seemed to me that Christmas came up rather quick and I felt quite unprepared!

That doesn’t mean we didn’t celebrate – even if I was sick (yes, again!) on Christmas.

Alyssa playing “Mary” at the school Christmas play.


Kaitlyn and Caleb both had speaking roles and did a great job. (all photos of them contain photos of other children so I can’t post them here but trust me they did great!)

After the program, it was off to Florida and even though Kirk and I were both sick we still had fun on Christmas Day 🙂


Receiving some gifts they really wanted:

Yes, Julianna REALLY wanted a microscope!


Okay, so body puzzle wasn’t top on her list (that Leo doll to her left was) but she loves knowing what’s inside our bodies, so she thought this was pretty cool.


A teacher set. She loves to play school.


Getting $100 is pretty cool but getting halfway to a new laptop you’ve been saving for makes it even better! I think she liked it 🙂


That is his happy face…


My whole crazy family 🙂 They were hoping to Photoshop me in – I was NOT feeling well and was more than happy to be on the other end of the camera.


And because we’re from Virginia, it’s just fine to go to the beach in December!




She loves her shells!!


And Happy 2015 to you!


As it is a new year it’s time for me to make resolutions. If you remember I love making them!

This year, I’m still working on them 🙂

Last year, I really wanted to re-do the house and we started off well. I still haven’t posted pictures but we re-made Kaitlyn’s room completely over the summer. What I didn’t plan for last year was a trip overseas and all the prep work that would entail.

The cool thing is – I did two things last year that I’ve always wanted to do:

1. Fly overseas.
2. Learn to sew.

I’m pretty excited to have those checked off my list even if they weren’t official resolutions!

BUT, this year I’d still like to
– read through the Bible
– finish decorating the house
– be more organized
– spend less money
– figure out what to do with writing
– try to learn a new language – this is something I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t gotten to. The question is, which one?? Having traveled to Russia, I’d love to learn Russian but it’s an extremely hard language to learn. So Spanish?

Still working that out 🙂

To keep things even I have to post a picture of the other two girls!



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