End of the Year Recap


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Love, Kirk, Dorinda, Kaitlyn, Caleb, Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa

What in the world? How did two months go by since I last posted?? And how is 2013 almost over?

Well, let’s see – in the past two months:

– Caleb turned 10


My one and only son is 10 – double digits – so hard to believe. He is one sweet boy and while I’m not ready for him to grow up I do enjoy watching him get older.

– the triplets turned 7

– and got new American Girl dolls


Julianna Mabel – 7 years – reading chapter books and missing her two front teeth!!


Rachel Gabrielle – 7 years – reading chapter books and loving school – she also loves cleaning which works out great for me 🙂


Alyssa Elaine – 7 years – as you can see still as crazy and silly as ever! This is the girl that dances through the Christmas performance and tests the microphone just because but she always makes us laugh!!

 – we finally had our master bathroom fixed/remodeled – huge job…

 – we went to Florida

– we celebrated Thanksgiving

– we surprised the kids with 2 days at Disney World for Christmas (just a few photos from our trip – I won’t bore you with a ton!)


Why do I look more excited than them? I think they’re ready for rides and not stopping for pictures!


Grandma and Grandpa got to come with us on our first day there – like icing on the cake for the kid’s surprise 🙂


Me and my Dad.


I think everyone who goes to Disney World has this shot but I still had to take it.


Three of my favorite princesses!!


Lunch at Belle’s Castle.


Last night there – no one wanted to leave!

   – the girls had their 7th birthday party at the American Girl doll store


We had to wait to celebrate their birthday until December 7th – no idea who the girl behind us is 🙂

– we had the kid’s bathroom remodeled – I’d like to say it’s because we wanted a new look but really it was because we didn’t want them to fall through the floor

– assisted my friend (really she did all the work – I just did what she told me to) making all the costumes (I have no pictures of this)

– I directed and the kids acted in the school’s first Christmas play (somehow I don’t have any of this either – I think I was too busy…)

– we celebrated Christmas





Is it any wonder I’m broke??

(side note: rule for January – spend no money – oh wait, that won’t work… we have another bathroom to remodel, err.. fix!!)

(2nd side note: THIS is what I do with all my “free” time while the kids are in school)

And that is probably the quickest recap of 2 months I’ve ever done. Just days away from new resolutions and I’m pretty sure I haven’t filled this year’s yet. Oh well, that’s what a “new” year is for – starting over and trying again! I’m all for that 🙂

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