Fall Family Fotos (Um, Photos)


After 2 years we FINALLY got some family photos done and I’m excited to share them!

The whole family 🙂

DSC_3620-2 Resize

DSC_3645-2 Resize

DSC_3658-2 Resize

Just the Kiddos…

DSC_3663-2 Resize


DSC_3777-2 Resize


DSC_3758-2 Resize


DSC_3711-2 Resize


DSC_3709-2 Resize


DSC_3728-2 Resize

And the trio together (I love how happy they look in this photo!)

DSC_3745-2 Resize

Though this one is a little more “sweet”:

DSC_3747-2 Resize

More of just the five kiddos!

DSC_3796-2 Resize

This may be my favorite family photo – I love the bridge:

DSC_3810-2 Resize

And my favorite photo of all the kids together – this really makes me think of a Gymboree ad! Of course it could be that the girls are all decked out in Gymboree clothes but I swear I’ve seen something just like this on their site – though my kids weren’t in that one 🙂 (they should have been right?!)

DSC_3825-2 Resize

Just the girls…

DSC_3818-2 Resize

All the girls:

DSC_3829-2 Resize

And then we did some fun shots on the playground – I love candid shots and I think the kids smiled and opened up a lot more once we got over there!

DSC_3857-2 Resize

DSC_3854-2 Resize

DSC_3856-2 Resize

And to keep it fair because there weren’t any playground pics for Rachel and Kaitlyn I’m putting some others up – because it all has to be as even as possible in my world!!

DSC_3821-2 Resize

DSC_3778-2 Resize

All because two people fell in love (and God was gracious to grant me five amazing children who I love more and more with each passing year!)

DSC_3691-2 Resize

Hopefully that wasn’t foto (er, photo) overload but I had to share!


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