Where Did September Go?


I know where it went.

Sort of.

School started and life started at full speed. Do you know how hard it is to keep up on lunches and three girls with brand new spelling lists? September also brings with it life with a new exchange student. Just because she’s also from China doesn’t mean she’s similar to Angela at all and that means adjustment for everyone. Life in America is certainly nothing like what she’s used to in China – we’re busier and crazier!! She has to put behind her real Chinese food, her native language and a lot of the independence she had in China. As American parents we’re a little more involved in her life on a daily basis than she’s used to!

I think the change for us this year is that having had a student last year we’re more used to having someone else live with us so it’s easier to fit her right in and know that she’ll find her way and “land on her feet” but still a deep relationship takes time.

But… we’re getting there:


Taken during our recent family photo shoot – pictures coming soon!

Speaking of family photos – we’ve done a lot of that lately. Finally had our pictures taken professionally for the first time in 2 years and I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out – just waiting to get our CD and prints before I can share them here.

And the kids had their school pictures.

Hopefully some of this adorableness made it intact to the actual photo. Alyssa’s hair is already losing it so I’m not holding out much hope.


And since school photos don’t show the whole outfit I had to have some pictures that did. That’s just how I am. Gotta have a photo of the boots 🙂 Also, I’m hoping Rachel gave the photographer a better smile than the one she gave us. What is it with kids and a lack of natural smiles?


So, would it be worse to have a post that has photos of all my girls and none of Caleb or to add a photo of him after he’s done cleaning the bathroom – the 1/2 bath which is part of his chores and he’s pretty good at it.

Pondering this for a bit.

As for me, between homework and grocery shopping I’ve already been through my moms of multiples sale and begun subbing.

Just last week I was asked to sub for the girl’s class. This photo is a rare privilege where I get to be both mom and teacher:


And thankfully at this age the girl’s still enjoy mom being at school with them and in the classroom. They also love to correct me whenever I don’t do something just like Mrs. Crouse. Trust me, she’s a way better teacher – and as you can see a way better classroom decorator!!

Since I’ve ended the month subbing for Kindergarten and beginning October in the same way (and they’re a tough crowd with 9 boys and 2 girls!!) I’ll post the picture of Caleb because it makes me smile. He’s proud of his work whatever it is that he does and I’m proud of him for it.


Here’s hoping October is less crazy though I’m certainly not holding my breath!!


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