Vacation’s Over and School Begins!!


The school year has begun and now I have an 8th grader, a 4th grader and THREE 1st graders.


Those are real grades – no “pre” anything unless you count 8th grade as “pre-high-school” but I really don’t want to do that!

I started this post ages ago to try and post pictures from our summer but failed to get it done! So, before we get too far into the school year I thought I’d post some pictures from the summer.

Caleb and Grandpa working on a project together:


Celebrating Kaitlyn’s birthday at church with Aubree too:


Getting a few goodies from Grandma and Grandpa (sorry about Caleb’s face – it was the only photo that came out!)


Visiting with some great friends:


Since our family is a little on the larger side we don’t get to do too many large activities due to cost but every once in a while we get some fun treats like spending the day with Aunt Kim and cousin Aubree at a Children’s Museum:


Inside the “house” complete with a “garden”


Pretending to be firefighters


Kaitlyn pretending to be a Veterinarian.

Okay, I’m feeling a little bad about this – this is the ONLY picture I took of Caleb in the museum and of course it came out blurry!! He and Kaitlyn roamed together through the museum while I stayed with the girls so I got less photos of Kaitlyn and Caleb.


Caleb climbing the rock wall.


Alyssa and Rachel digging for “treasure” – they were really excited to find some under the sand – too bad it wasn’t real.


Julianna’s shopping at “Publix”


Alyssa’s ready to check her out!


Rachel’s doing some artwork with Aubree!

And once Kirk arrived we headed back to the beach but this time we went to a private island by boat!



Grandpa was our boat driver.


All of us on the boat – photo taken by my brother, Michael.


Even I have to admit we had a great time on the boat and the beach.

Of course, most of our time was spent in the pool!


After the pool, our second favorite spot was the Library! The kids loved checking out new books every week but were also able to enjoy other activities like Movie Day complete with free popcorn and water (hits this mom right in her cheapskate spot!) and Lego day where everyone came in and built whatever they wanted for a while. Not quite Legoland but still they had fun.



Our last weekend before school started we went to the Chesapeake on a church retreat. And look who went with us!


Angela came for a visit! We had a great week with her and were so glad she went with us on the retreat.


A walk with friends on the water. Kaitlyn with some of her best friends.


The girls loved their time away and wished it could have been longer.

Playing tether ball.


Fun at the pool! One last dip before summer ends.


After the pool it was time to go Banana Boating!


Everyone enjoyed the crazy boat ride (not pictured: Kaitlyn)

But then it was back to reality. Time to say goodbye again to Angela and get ready for school.

And we once again have the privilege of hosting an exchange student from China. Our new “daughter” is Luna. She’s excited to be here but nervous about learning the language. I look forward to seeing how she grows this year!


Yearly photo of the 1st day taken by the front door.


And in front of the family van.

It’s so hard for me to believe that the years go by so fast. It seems like yesterday that the girls were starting Kindergarten. And what is even weirder is that Kaitlyn was in 1st grade when I was pregnant with the triplets. The fact that they are now that age is mind-blowing.

I am praising God for my children and praying that they have a wonderful year ahead of them!

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