Catching Some Big Waves in Florida


If you know me, you know I’m not a beach person.

At all.

I must explain. Being there is okay but the sand in EVERYTHING and the coming and going I can do without – the packing to go and then the leaving with all the sand and feeling gross. Yeah, I hate that part.

But it’s Florida and being so close to the beach means you have to go at least once so we did.

And today we didn’t find calm seas but huge, crashing waves. Not surprising given all the weather we’ve had but it meant no calm swimming in the gulf.


No calm seas here – look at those waves! And they just kept coming.


Lunch time in the wind with Grandpa – had to sit on the chairs or they would blow away!


Caleb’s ready to take on the waves. Even if he doesn’t match πŸ™‚ But I’m betting that’s just a mom thing!


Kaitlyn and Caleb keeping Rachel and Alyssa from getting pulled under the waves and away from the rocks.


Julianna’s venturing in.


Everyone but Rachel braving the waves. She is pretty tiny and the waves pushed her right over.


Tiny doesn’t mean she’s not adorable!!


Caleb, Kaitlyn and Grandpa having a great time in the waves.


Kaitlyn’s in that wave somewhere πŸ™‚


All the girls playing in the sand – I think this was their favorite part. When we were done they were still digging!


I did venture in the water but every time I did I had to hold a triplet or two tight to make sure the waves didn’t take her away!


After swimming the kids were feeding the seagulls some leftover bread. Not sure who had more fun, the kids or the birds.


Why oh why is it so hard to get five kids to look forward and smile??!!


Also, Rachel’s eyes don’t open and Alyssa can’t give me a good face. I kept trying and this is the best I got!

And some more pictures because well, I think my kids are cute and it’s my blog so yep, more photos!! Also, I’ve got to get something good out of going to the beach and great outdoor pics are what I get. Clearly, I’m not a photographer but occasionally I get a photo I like and have to share.


Rachel running in the sand.


Just did not want to sit on the bench swing.


The mask just cracks me up.

Even though I prefer the pool to the beach we had a pretty good day fighting the surf and playing in the sand.

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  1. I’m totally with you on all that stupid sand!!!! I love the beach but hate it at the same time for that very same reason. The kids are getting so big!!!!!

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