If You’re Reading This, I Have A Teenager


Even two days later it’s almost impossible for me to believe that I now have a daughter old enough to be a teenager. She’s been a “pre-teen” for a while but “teenager” seems like a whole new level. It’s like that “bad word” you hear when a baby is born, “you just wait till they’re a teenager!” As a new mom you think, oh no, what will happen when they hit this magic age? One can only imagine the horror that awaits.

Except, Kaitlyn isn’t any of those things! I’m sure at many times in the next few years we’ll have differences of opinions – possibly very large ones to be sure but for now I plan to enjoy my beautiful teenager. Like the “terrible two’s” that weren’t really all that terrible – I actually liked age 2 and 3!! – I believe God will give us grace to “weather” the teenage years. Truth is, I think teenagers are pretty cool. For her birthday I got to take her clothes shopping to pick out some new clothes and shoes and I can’t even begin to describe how much more fun that was than when we went to Toys R Us yesterday and I stood there amidst all those toys fending off three six-year-olds pleas for this toy or that because as I see it all that stuff ends up cluttering my house unplayed with and ignored.

I enjoy spending time with her. I enjoy spending time with many teens and I know quite a few.

Call me naïve but I plan to enjoy Kaitlyn’s teenage years, to look forward to them and not dread them. She’s a beautiful, sweet, kind and caring girl. She plays with her brother and sisters, loves her cousin, is generally helpful, loves to bake, read, write, laugh and swing. I think she’s pretty cool.


Book LOVER!!


Pretty fashion girl! She let me experiment on her hair…

A cake to celebrate her sweet 13. Simple yet fun.


I think she likes it!


Texting. I didn’t say she wasn’t a typical teen! Getting a phone for her birthday was her big present – I think she liked it 🙂



With Grandpa.


With Grandma. I think I see some resemblance!


And with mom. Love my baby girl!


All the cousins partying together!!

Happy 13th Birthday, Kaitlyn! Mom and Dad love you no matter your age and look forward to seeing you grow into the woman God has called you to be!

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  1. Please share a big happy birthday hug from us! Wow! I can’t believe she is 13. The teen years are wonderful–enjoy.

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