In the Swing of Summer (Picture Heavy)


It’s hard for me to believe that school has been out for almost a whole month. Even though we haven’t had “official” plans (VBS, camps, etc) we’ve been staying quite busy. Our first week we had the hard task of saying goodbye to Angela followed by cleaning out a lot of the house for a yard sale.

Week 2 we had some new visitors: my brother, Daniel, his wife, Kim and their daughter, Aubree – it was great to have them here even if it was just for a few days.

We headed out to Great Falls.


Kim, Aubree and Daniel – at least they enjoyed the Falls!


My beautiful niece, Aubree.


Caleb and Kaitlyn enjoying the Falls – well, at least I think so!


The girls preferred the rocks to the view and yes, that’s the best picture of Alyssa I could get! She won’t look at the camera!

After Great Falls we visited National Harbor for Kirk’s birthday. It’s one of his favorite places to go thus his choice on a rare day off.


Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you 🙂


On the water.


My five adorable children who are not the best “picture takers”. I think it’s time for some professional pictures again…


Three adventurous girls!

Family photos inside the Gaylord Hotel thanks to a kind passerby who was willing to take our photo and did a pretty good job.


Up close…


And far away…

And a few shots of what summer looks like at home (courtesy of our babysitter/photographer, Andrea who we will eventually have take actually family photos of us – when we’re all in town, together, at the same time… Yep, that will be in the fall)


Wrestling, jumping, flipping, reading, sleeping on the trampoline – it gets used a lot.


Swinging on the big, red ball (or climbing the tree it’s attached too) – thankful for no injuries so far!


Climbing the slide, bunny ears not always included.


Where Kaitlyn spends the majority of her summer – it’s either swinging and listening to music on her iPod or reading. What a life 🙂


Cool picture even if Caleb won’t participate (with Andrea).


At least he’s participating in the photo this time.

It’s been fun not having much of a schedule.

Still have so much to do this summer: have a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, celebrate the 4th of July and Kaitlyn’s birthday and head to Florida with them to swim and relax. Seems like a lot but it always goes by too fast.

I hope your summer is fun and safe as well. Have to go get all my kids ice cream… I guess that’s part of summer too.

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