An All Together Strange Goodbye


We like to think that life is about the good and happy times and in some ways it is but the reality is at some point we will say goodbye to everyone we know in one way or another. In the beginning it seems like we have all the time in the world but then all of a sudden we realize we don’t.

Almost 10 months ago we welcomed a stranger into our home. Before she came we knew almost nothing about her yet she was coming to live with us for a whole school year. Then it seemed like a long time now it feels like it passed in the blink of an eye and even though we knew then we’d be saying goodbye it felt like so far away like the end would never come.

Except that it has. That stranger is now our friend, our sister, our daughter and her being gone will add a strange hole in our family.

A few days after Angela arrived we visited National Harbor. It’s hard for me to tell what she thought of us at this point but as I look back it hardly even seems like the girls we said goodbye to 10 months later.


Our last evening together we took Angela out to the restaurant of her choice and asked them to take a family picture – everyone looks so different!


You’d hardly know it was the same girl! Over her ten months here she became part of our family and we all got used to having her around. Even now, two weeks after she left (and two weeks since I started this post!) we still miss her and it’s still odd to not have her here. We have been grateful for social media because we’ve been able to chat and Skype since she’s gone home and we’re excited to continue to keep up with her during her summer in China. While she won’t be coming back to stay with us next year she won’t be too far away and we’ll be able to see her from time to time.

Even though we knew we’d be saying goodbye the day she came didn’t make it any easier.

We’re certainly going to miss our Chinese daughter!


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