My Babies Graduate Kindergarten


You know in your head that children grow up. Of course you do. You know that when you bring that baby into the world they are going to eat and cry and mostly grow. They aren’t going to stay babies.

In your head you know this.

But your heart is a different story.

My heart has me a young mother of lots of small children. Not big kids. Not middle schoolers or almost-teenagers and most certainly not the mother whose babies have finished Kindergarten.

Not started, mind you but FINISHED!

Tonight I watched my girls graduate Kindergarten. Unlike when they graduate high school they didn’t really know what was going on and they had cute little hats that just wanted to fall off their heads but there they were crossing the stage, wearing their hats and accepting their diplomas.

Rachel’s leading the class in:


Alyssa and Julianna are bringing up the rear:


With their teacher, Miss Park:


My little artist getting her awards. Rachel earned an “Awesome Artist” award as well as an “Excellence Award” for all areas of academics. She’s creative and smart – receiving the only artist award in the class – I will have to post some of her drawings soon!


My most outgoing daughter getting her awards. Alyssa earned the “Most Friendly” award and the “Bright Idea Award” for making fun, creative story books. Once you get to know Alyssa you know you will be laughing whenever she talks – she’s just fun to be around!


My most competitive daughter getting her awards. Julianna earned the “Awesome Attitude” award, the “Model Student” award and an “Excellence Award” for all areas of academics. Not sure why she got three but she is a bit of an overachiever – like best speller in the class, great reader, straight “O’s” on her report card.


This look says it all – this one is ready to graduate high school already!!


It’s an odd thing the passage of time. As much as I wish for them to stay little I also can’t wait to watch them grow bigger and experience other milestones together as sisters and just as individuals.

As you can see, they are no longer babies. They are big girls ready to move into Elementary school – out of all the “pre” stuff and into 1st grade. They are anxious to grow up and even though my heart isn’t ready I have to let them.

I just have to be careful not to blink because before I know it, it won’t be Kindergarten they’re graduating from.

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