Mother’s Day Blessings


DSC_0522 Mother’s Day is here once again and as always it’s an interesting “holiday” for me. I love to celebrate my mom. I have been very blessed with a mom who is more like a sister to me. I’m not much of a phone person but with my mom I can talk forever telling her everything and I love having her around – when she’s here we enjoy spending time together and loving on my kids.

For the chance to celebrate my mom, I love Mother’s Day but when it comes to “celebrating” me it feels awkward. Don’t get me wrong if I can get an extra hug or kiss because it’s “Mother’s Day” I’ll take it! What mom can’t get enough of that?

And, of course, Kirk spoiled me with some gifts, an amazing lunch and homemade dinner. I enjoy all of this too.

But never once I have forgotten all the years I dreaded Mother’s Day. The years I cried and cringed at the thought of going to church and not being counted among all the mother’s.

Now I am blessed to have my hands so very full. Full of hugs, kisses and all kinds of projects done for Mother’s Day gifts. Pictures where each of them tell me how much they love me. Caleb even wrote his own poem and framed it. Kaitlyn bought me a small gift for the first time ever, a sign of how much she’s growing up (she picked it up at a yard sale – teaching her to be frugal like her mom!)

Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around I am grateful that I am able to celebrate but not because of anything I have done but because God has been gracious to me. He has given me what I do not deserve in the form of five beautiful children and to get a hug and I love you from them is all the gift I need.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. I love you so much!

Thank you, Lord, for making me a mother and for the five gifts you have given me.

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