April Ends


It’s very hard to believe but the year is already a third over. Four months into the new year. Where did the time go?

Seems a good a time as any to go over my New Year’s Resolutions.

Remember those?

I do a little bit.

1. Memorize Scripture

– this has been going very well – with the kids in school full time I have more time to spend in Bible reading and prayer and I’ve enjoyed adding memorizing Scripture to my daily routine

2. Read more, watch less

– overall, maybe – not as much as I’d like to though – I have finished a number of novels, just haven’t read as much non-fiction as I would like

3. Organize and get rid of excess

– I’ve made a little bit of progress but this year has been much busier than I expected and so I haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked. It’s the kid’s toys that drive me crazy because they are never where they should be. Maybe it’s something I’ll have to live with till they move out? I think I could be okay with that 🙂 However, I still have the goal of getting rid of what we no longer use or need.

4. Write

– if you missed it – I did complete my novel – now comes the hard part of reading through it as well as getting the motivation to work on Book 2 in the series!! Either that or starting a whole new novel/series

5. Spend less, save more

– and here is where I need the most work – seems like something always comes up. Praying I can do better on this one most of all over the remainder of the year!!

How about you? Have you even thought about your resolutions since January 2nd?

The best part is that every day is a new day and if I haven’t done well somewhere I can strive to do better for the rest of the year. Here’s hoping the rest of the year is a tad calmer than the beginning and I can accomplish some of these goals!!

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