Done and Done. First Draft Finished.


450115_laptop_user_2I know you’ve been wondering about the progress on my novel. I have been too. I meant to have this done before last August and here it is April of the FOLLOWING year! Yikes, how did that happen? Well, I finally got to it and got it done.

I put it off long enough. The novel HAD to be finished. Feels like I’ve been working on it forever but now the first draft is officially done! I’m pretty excited about it. After Easter I didn’t want to blog again until I could blog this and I did it!

But of course the first draft is just the first step. Now I have to refine it and make it better. Do a little research. No, I don’t research first. I just write the story and then see what questions I need to get answered afterwards.

Of course this is just Book 1 in the trilogy I have planned but I’m excited about this progress especially since it means I finally got myself in gear to sit down and just finish it!!

Sooo, if anyone would like to read a first draft and help my novel be even better I would love to hear from you because I need all the help I can get! For now though, I’m just going to be happy that I finished the first draft and I’m going to aim to get the second book done quite a bit faster.

Title: Repay No Evil

Genre: Christian Suspense

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