Subbing, Spelling Bees and Just What Do I Do With “All” My Free Time?


When the girls were little the list of questions that I got were always the same. I even did a post on how not to talk to a triplet mom.

Today with all five kids in school I am frequently asked what I do with all the kids in school.

Here’s a peek into what I do with all my “free” time in the past few months:

– From Christmas break to Spring Break I have been called in to sub 15 times. I have been able to sub 10 of those times but one ended up being a snow day so that makes 9 days in the classroom.

– I missed two of those days because I was sick.

– One day because my girls were sick.

– Two of those days I had to work – one on a job I’m hoping I will be able to work from home (details not fully determined) and one at Classy Kids which when it comes around twice a school year I work somewhere around 35 hours a week.

– I worked 35 hours at Classy Kids (most of that in 12 hour days) – every day of that week one or more of the kids were home sick – had at least one kid home for 7 straight school days

– Three snow days (with all the kids home) – two of which came the day after I had finally gotten all five kids back to school healthy

Some photos from our biggest snow of the year (our biggest snow in two years really and we were SO grateful to have it!!)


We finally got enough for a snowman!


It was really coming down.


Three red-faced, wet girls who had a LOT of fun playing in the snow!!

 – One day for the Math Olympics

– One day for a Spelling Bee

– One day sitting with a student in in-school suspension

– One holiday (with all the kids home)

– Three trips to the dentist/orthodontist

– Lunch dates with friends many of which ended up being all in the same week and all in a row because of all the subbing – today these are lunch dates, a few years ago they were playdates with babies in tow but hey, even someone with all their kids in school needs some friends and encouragement!! One lunch date was with my husband on Valentine’s Day – pretty much the only date we’ve had all year.

– And of course there’s the regular things like grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, cooking, preparing for consignment sales, checking e-mails, responding to e-mails, the occasional Facebook, coordinating preschool workers for church, preparing Sunday School lessons for church, updating the blog and trying to find time to write.

Really I don’t feel like I have a ton of free time. I do have a little bit here and there but it doesn’t seem to be any more than when the girls were little and I had a “break” during their naptime. Being a stay-at-home mom with all my kids in school doesn’t seem any less crazy than being a stay-at-home mom with one or more kids at home! My breaks are just different and my activities are different.

In case you ever wondered what a stay-at-home mom with all her kids in school does there it is!

Or you could say I’m just sitting at home eating bon-bons – whatever works for you 🙂

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  1. It’s crazy how things seem to be just as busy or busier now that they are in school! I feel like I get nothing accomplished yet I never have a “spare” moment. Between work, doctors appts., and school stuff it feels never ending. Add to that cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. Whew! Who knew keeping up with the blogs would remain just as hard as before. Glad you updated and gave us a peek at what is keeping you busy. 🙂

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