Valentine’s Day with Triplets


For the past three years the girls have been old enough to be in school and pass out Valentine’s Day cards. And for the past three years I have proceeded to forget that I have three girls! Well, I know I have them but I constantly forget that I have three seperate girls who each have to give the entire class valentine’s cards. I think about how many kids are in the class and proceed to get one set of gifts. It’s only later that I realize I can’t just buy 12 I have to buy 36 AND they have to give each other Valentine’s in class.

So, this meant I had to run back out to the store and pick up more Valentine’s (of course different ones because who wants three of the same?!) and then bring them home so each girl can fill out a Valentine for each of their classmates.

The older they get the more I’m convinced that holidays are only there to torture parents.

Valentine’s cards and Kindergarten homework times three means times three work for mom!!

But who can resist these cuties?


Valentine’s Day 2007; 3 months old


r Valentine’s Day 2008; 15 months old

I somehow didn’t manage to get pictures of them on Valentine’s Day any other year!

However, we have some big news from this year.

Kaitlyn got her first real Valentine’s.

From a boy.

Who likes her.



She is a beautiful girl so I totally get the crush but wow, is she old enough for this already?

And oh yeah, she got chocolates from another boy.

We are in trouble.

And all I can think is I have three more girls coming after her. What are those Valentine’s going to be like?!

I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

In the meantime I will enjoy the fact that for the most part they are all still little (Kaitlyn included – this is a crush not a date or a boyfriend!!).

Not to be left out, today is also my parents 43rd wedding anniversary and I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to wish them a very Happy Anniversary! They are a true picture of what love should look like and I’m grateful that they are still together and still in love.

(I stole this picture from my brother so it’s his fault it’s not a perfect picture!)

643944_10200560432033195_852956017_nHappy 43rd Anniversary Mom and Dad – we love you!

And Happy Valentine’s Day everyone else. May you find love from those around you and give it more freely than you receive it.

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