We Bring The Mess


Last Sunday we celebrated Angela’s baptism. This Sunday we had a completely different task.

Three years ago the triplets entered a research study. The plan for the study is to follow babies born at Fairfax Hospital between 34 and 36 weeks who were not in the NICU and see how they are developing. The girls were pretty excited to go and participate – even slept in their clothes under their pajamas so they would be ready to go!

We arrived in the morning and they basically played games with the researchers all day and in a few months I will get a report on how each one of them is doing.

But that’s not why I’m blogging.

While we were there I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures – we weren’t there for five minutes before the girls just made themselves at home!

2013-01-27 13.28.19

Their dolls are waiting for them to return:

2013-01-27 13.27.49

Even while they were gone I could just feel that they were there – that they wanted to come back and play. Just made me smile.

What didn’t make me smile was the paperwork:

2013-01-27 13.27.55

Three STACKS of papers that took me close to three hours to complete!! The downside to having triplets – paperwork for three kids that included keeping straight each of their personalities and traits! Oh yes, I’m super mom 🙂

So, if you have extra food or need some company we are more than happy to stop by but just be ready because…

We bring the mess!

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