Not Really A Milestone


Today the girls are 6 years and two months. It’s not a big deal really. It could pass by without even a second notice. Funny how five years ago the 16th was a big deal. It was another month added to their age, another month I had survived, now it’s just another day on the calendar.

There is good and bad to that. Now they are old enough to communicate and to play together though thankfully still young enough to have a room full of stuffed animals!

Five years ago, Kirk did this portrait of our family:


Seems like another world today.

Five years ago I wondered if I should keep dressing the girls alike. I even did a poll to see what people thought! Today they dress themselves and only on rare occasions do they dress alike though truthfully I try for it every chance I get. Really that is and always has been because it is SO much easier to find one outfit times three and be done then to have them fight over one outfit that I don’t have three of OR wait for them to dig through every outfit in the closet till they find something they would actually like to wear. I think that is the biggest plus about uniforms at school – we can’t fight over clothes!!

Five years ago I struggled with how to care for them, how to raise them, now I enjoy seeing them as individuals and can revel more in the fact that they are triplets and how cool that is than how I’m going to survive the next day.

Then I tired of people asking me whether or not they are triplets or arguing with me even they even were, now I wonder if they’ll even notice.

It’s funny when we look back we forget the bad but always remember the good. I know I endured hours and hours of screaming but I miss the little laughter.

Check out this post that I did five years ago this month:

Looking back makes me want to cherish them all the more today because I have tangible evidence of how fast time flies, how quickly their small voices fade.

So even though it really doesn’t mean a whole lot, I’m celebrating today with my girls.

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