My Favorite Christmas Gifts


I couldn’t resist. Whenever I see Alyssa’s gift I just have to smile. That poor girl can’t remember things well and her mind is going a mile a minute. I can’t blame her, I have the same problem. It could be ADD but none of us have been diagnosed.

When we went to Gum Drop Square in December Kirk graciously gave each of the kids money to spend – $2.00 for one sibling that they drew from a hat and $2.00 to spend on me. How sweet that he thought of me!

And how sweet the kids were to carefully pick out ther gifts.


Caleb knew I loved snowmen and picked me up a snowman figurine with snow globe – I love it! Well, it WAS a snow globe – I accidentally broke it after Christmas. So sorry buddy!

Kaitlyn, Rachel and Julianna tapped into my love for candles. They were all so excited to give me what they knew I would love and I do 🙂

By now you know the blue blow-up guitar came from Alyssa. LOVE IT! I guess she was tapping into my love of music?!

No, she drew Rachel’s name from the “hat” and thought that both gifts were supposed to be for her. She did apologize for her lack of memory.

But really, it’s okay. Every time I look at it I can’t help but smile and think of her.

As a mom there are no better gifts than those from her children and that makes these my favorite gifts!

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  1. I love it. Wonderful Christmas Themed gifts from the kindly elves in “Santa’s Secret Workshop” Snowman snow globe… scented candles… and a blue inflatable guitar! Because nothing says Christmas like a toy that doubles as a flotation device.

    You have to wonder why that thing was even there as a choice.

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