1st Day of 2013


As 2013 starts I have the desire to try something new – to post as often as possible with even just little thoughts or notes from the day. As resolutions or “new goals” go I have high hopes of accomplishing things but reality doesn’t often pan out as I hoped.

Today was pretty low key which I think is great for a holiday and a day off. As it is with just our family there are now 9 people in the house. We have acquired one more exchange student! Her name is Hayoung (or Gloria) and she is from Korea. She speaks very little English and so far all we know is she likes to sleep. We are having trouble keeping her awake!

All three “big” girls are tasked with doing the dishes and with 9 people home every day eating every meal here – the kitchen gets crazy!


Kirk did manage to get us all out of the house for a very brief moment to see the local Festival of Lights.


It was our way of saying goodbye to Christmas and the holidays!

Of course Gloria slept through it all…

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