Thanksgiving Trip to the Beach?!


Who goes to the beach the week of Thanksgiving? Shouldn’t it be too cold everywhere to go into the water?!

For me, yes but when you’re in Florida the pool and the beach seem like the place to be!

My kids certainly didn’t seem to notice the cool weather or the cool water.


Oh yes, all my kids went into the Gulf and they seemed to have a great time.

Wondering why no one is wearing a bathing suit? Well, silly mommy didn’t think anyone would actually want to go any further into the water than their toes. I mean it was cool enough outside for a jacket and the water was quite cold but still they all went in.

Some more than others…


She’s freezing but she won’t admit it!


This is more like it! Crazy girl, wearing a winter coat to the beach!


But out of all of them, Alyssa loved it the most. Just look at that smile! And she was soaking wet from head to toe before we left. I should’ve known…


Angela and Kaitlyn got their feet wet too!


We were all there but no, I didn’t go in the water. I’m not a huge beach person though the sand on Clearwater Beach is gorgeous. Still gets in everything which is what I hate but as sand goes it is my favorite 🙂


My parents went with us too. How cute are they?! I guess even Floridians go to the beach in November!


And I just couldn’t resist this shot of Kaitlyn. Wow, she looks grown up!


And then it was Thanksgiving. I am blessed to have so many things to be thankful for and felt even more blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my entire family.

Caleb helping my dad make a very delicious turkey. Really good!!


My brothers and my adorable baby niece, Aubree. Not so much a baby anymore though 😦


The whole family together. And Angela, enjoying her first Thanksgiving. (My brother, Michael is taking the picture but he was there!)


And then again the next day to celebrate birthdays. We take our birthdays seriously around here and celebrate for as long as we can!


Aubree celebrating her grandma’s, cousin’s and mom’s birthdays.


My parents bringing in the cakes. Candles for each of the birthdays. We just have a lot to celebrate this time of year.


After all the celebrating we took a few family photos. If I don’t get around to professional photos these will end up on my Christmas cards 🙂

My favorite group shot of all of us.


My parents and their grandkids. That’s a very cute and mostly feminine brood. Poor Caleb, always the only boy!


My brothers, my parents and I. While Caleb is the only boy, I was the only girl though he reminds me often that it’s not the same because I only have “two, maybe three brothers” while he has FOUR sisters!!! For the record, I have two little brothers though now they are both much taller than me…


All the grandkids with Angela. She counts for the year 🙂


Our family pictures:



We had a blessed and safe Thanksgiving. It was great to spend it with my family. I know I miss them when we aren’t together.

And now it’s time to jump right into the holiday season!

Can’t believe it’s Christmas…

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