Big Birthday Bash


Once again it’s November.

Just how did that happen?!

Better how question, how is Caleb 9 and the triplets 6?!

Seems that time flies whether I want it to or not and I rarely seem to accomplish all I want to in a given day.

Maybe October flew by because I had to spend so much time preparing to celebrate FOUR birthdays in November!

First up, Caleb turned 9. To celebrate we threw a “movie-themed” birthday – took our family and six boys to see the new movie “Wreck-It Ralph” – thanks to coupons it only cost me $30.50 to take everyone but that’s another post.

My boy – hard to believe he’s almost in double digits.

My handsome birthday boy!

Movie birthday cake. It came out pretty good – it’s supposed to look like a popcorn bucket with popcorn coming out of it – hopefully that part is obvious!

9th Birthday Cake

Blowing out the candles.

A few movie decorations.

Saturday the 10th we celebrated Caleb with movies and movie candy. Sunday we switched gears to celebrate with owls and 6-year-olds in pajamas because three silly girls were turning six.

Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa – so excited for their party!

It took some doing but we transformed the house from boy party to girl party – from movie cake to owl cake.

Owl “mommy” and babies.

We had a “night owl” pajama party so with some help from my friend, Emily at Belle Papers and Parties we transformed the dining room table into a bed.

Who doesn’t like to eat in bed?!

Add in some cool decorations.

Great banner, bad picture!

Love these owl decorations that Emily made.

Since it was a triplet party everyone had to sing “Happy Birthday” three times! Of course, we only managed to get a good picture of Rachel blowing out the candles – go figure!

Her smile says it all!

After cake came presents, lots and lots of presents. Turns out every kid wanted to come to a pajama party and we had 15 guests for our owl party. Tight squeeze but they all seemed to enjoy it.

The girls and their mounds!

After presents they watched a movie and seemed to enjoy every minute. Overall they did great and we had a wonderful time celebrating.

A big thank you to all our friends.

Happy 9th Birthday, Caleb.

Happy 6th Birthday, Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa.

Mommy loves you and can’t believe you are growing so quickly!

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