Into The Swing of Things


Hard to believe that the kids have already been in school for five weeks! Here they are on the first day of school. Bright-eyed, nervous, excited. Can’t believe how big they are! Kaitlyn is now in 7th grade, Caleb in 3rd and the triplets have started Kindergarten.

Yep, Kindergarten. Can’t even begin to believe that. They are beginning to read and write and they LOVE doing homework. The big kids assure them they will soon hate it but it’s hard to hate coloring, cutting and pasting.

Five years ago it was just Kaitlyn and Caleb heading out the door…

And the triplets seemed so itty-bitty and my hands were oh-so-full.

Five years ago the thought of Kindergarten seemed so far away. About as far away as college for them feels right now though with each passing day it too feels around the corner. The girls never cease to remind me that they are almost six.

I mean look at these girls – definitely not babies anymore!

While I am sad (at times) to see my babies get so big the girls are full speed ahead. They love going to Kindergarten. They love their teacher and they love all their new friends.

September also brought our annual trip to Six Flags with Kirk’s company.

The girls LOVED the pirate ship.

And the playground – Thomas the Train section is perfect for them with rides and activities just their size.

The bigger kids preferred the actual rides – Caleb is finally tall enough to ride everything so he did just that trying every ride he could! (This is, for some reason, the only photo I have with Caleb in it over the entire day!)

Kaitlyn and Angela hanging out together – the kids loved introducing Angela to Six Flags and she seemed to enjoy being there…

Though not the getting wet part…

Funny thing was she didn’t want to go on the ride with us because she didn’t want to get wet but then, at the end of the day, the skies opened and the rain dumped on us and she got plenty wet. I was soaked for a good five hours including dinner and the trip home. Made for a miserable end of the day.

For a while we were huddled in a restaurant while it poured outside. Felt like we were surviving some sort of natural disaster.

The girls didn’t seem to mind. Sadly, they were the only ones!

If you’re wondering, Angela (Chinese name: Chuyue – NOT pronounced how it’s spelled – I’m still working on actually saying it right – she laughs at my sad attempts at Chinese regularly) is fitting in very well. The kids love her and we feel blessed to be introduced to the foriegn exchange student program with such an easy girl.

As for me, life is crazy busy. You’d think with 5 kids in school (make that 6) every day that I’d have free time but so far that hasn’t been the case. I’m involved with school, church and my moms of multiples club and I find that I have a list of things to accomplish daily. Thus far that list hasn’t included writing but I am hoping as the year progresses that this may be the case. At least I have managed to get back to monthly meal plans and I’m pretty excited about that! I know, thrilling life I lead but I love it. Getting to raise these five children is the biggest blessing I could ask for. The Lord has been gracious to me and I am truly thankful even for the “routine”!

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  1. I’m a terrible blogger friend! I just updated ours and I’m finally getting around to looking at everyone else’s. I don’t understand how with the trio in school I still have no time. So, I totally get what you are saying! I can’t believe our “babies” will be 6 in just over 2 weeks! Time is certainly flying by.

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