Swimming Workout, Mom Style


Summer officially started yesterday at least according to the calendar but our summer started 2 weeks ago when we drove 15 hours south to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Florida. This time around we got to make a stop-over at some friends of ours from school who sadly moved away a few months ago. Fortunately for us their new house is on our route south. It was great to see them again! Our return trip will bring us to more old friends in South Carolina. It breaks up our trip and gives us all something to look forward to as we travel.

The other huge plus this time around is the van. There’s so much room its unbelievable. I love that the kids are not crammed in under and next to stuff. We even have room to pack more on the way home though Kirk has sternly warned against the idea that I could bring home furniture items. Yes, I’m still considering it…

And what do we do in Florida for weeks?


But you knew that already!

Fortunately the girls have not forgotten their swimming skills from last year and are each day making steady improvements. Alyssa has learned to swim the whole pool without floaties which for her is  a pretty big deal. Julianna has been doing this for a while but has recently learned how to do the “back scroll” – don’t know what that is? Why it’s the back stroke!

And what am I doing? Some days I sit by the pool and watch them swim (so relaxing) and other days I get in there with them (NOT relaxing!). So I decided the best thing to do was attempt to exercise while in the pool. Swimming laps would work best but that requires wading through children and is quite difficult though sometimes I do the back scroll myself. But, most often, I can be found shredding/shedding water – don’t know what that is either? It’s usually known as treading water.

While doing this alone for a half hour is certainly a workout it’s much more of a workout if you can also be a “safe spot” for the girls when they swim through or jump into the deep end; treading water with a 40 pound weight is certainly much harder!

But that’s not hard enough, not by a long shot. Try treading water with not one but two 40-pound children while also being shot in the face by your 8-year-old son. And when he’s done shooting me in the face with water he too will try and hold on to me and drag me under.

On top of that I have to stop treading (shredding/shedding) water every few minutes to “rescue” a “drowning” five-year-old which leads once again to my previous comment of treading water with an extra 40 to 80 pounds of weight. Mind you it’s never 3 kids because one of them (Rachel) won’t swim past the shallow end. She would much rather I stand in the shallow end while she swims back and forth to me – no workout there – the kid barely weighs 30 pounds!!

I can’t complain though – after an hour or two of “swimming” I feel quite worked out. Maybe I’ll come home in better shape then when I left even if I’m not more tanned (darn light skin!!).

Sorry, no pictures today – maybe next week. This weekend my mom and I are heading to Orlando to The Gospel Coalition National Women’s Conference “Here is Our God!” – I’m excited about the teaching, the time away with my mom and a chance to see quite a few women from my church in Virginia. Fancy meeting them here in Florida 🙂


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  1. OK, waiting for pictures and, oh, yes, the conclussion to the book!!!! If we do end up moving to GA I expect a visit from you every summer. We should be on your way, maybe, if we move we will be in the Brunswick area. OK, can’t wait to see how big all those kids have gotten and how gorgeous all those girls are!

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