Triplets: 5 Years Later


Five years ago my girls were a full six months old – which makes them 5 1/2 today which believe me they are very proud of!

Five years ago they were just beginning to roll over – how seriously cute were they?!

Top: Rachel; Bottom: Alyssa, Julianna

Today we’re beginning to lose teeth! Julianna lost her first tooth yesterday and she couldn’t be more proud! Rachel was very excited for her while Alyssa was quite jealous that Julianna will be getting a visit from the tooth fairy (daddy) tonight and getting $1. How do you explain to triplets that they are still different people and things happen at different times? Crazy.

Look at my tiny lost tooth!

Five years ago they were so tiny and their main food was bottles. Can’t say I miss those but I do miss this:

Julianna: 17.5 lbs

Rachel: 14.1 lbs

Alyssa: 15.12 lbs

At six months of age the girls were drinking 12 bottles a day and going through 15 diapers a day.

Today we have no bottles or sippy cups and we have been fully out of diapers for about a year and a half.

Five years ago my days were filled with calming screaming babies and attempting to keep them entertained – this was a rare moment when they were all happy and content:

Today they do a much better job of entertaining themselves and this often involves creating art of some kind or another especially Rachel and Julianna who the other day came up with this somewhat accurate replica of Julianna:

And I couldn’t help but get a close-up of Rachel’s artwork on the t-shirt – she drew this by looking at Julianna’s shirt including the word “adorable” – I have to say this looks amazing for a five-year-old. Heck, it looks amazing for me – I don’t think my butterfly would look that good!

A big May event for us most years is the “Baby Party” at Genetics & IVF at Fairfax. For the few of you who don’t know I worked there for years before I had my kids and the doctors there were the ones who helped me get pregnant with all five of my children.

May 2007 – look at that stroller! Sometimes I miss those days – having the ability to keep them all in one place! Kaitlyn and Caleb look so young here too – they would have been just 6 and 3.

May 2012: I’d say they’ve all grown up quite a bit. And yes, I know Kaitlyn is steadily gaining on me every day. While I could always picture myself with babies and toddlers I still can’t believe I have a daughter who will soon be taller than me!

While I sometimes miss the little ones they were – being able to hold and cuddle them – I can’t help but enjoy the beautiful children they are becoming with their own thoughts, dreams and personalities – and that goes for all five of them.

Kaitlyn showing off her smiley face hand painting and stuffed animal.

Caleb opted for a snake up his arm.

Julianna’s snake and stuffed animal.

Rachel opted for the more girly hearts.

Alyssa got a snake – I’m sensing a theme!

Psalm 127:3: “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”

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  1. Wow! I know our trio’s are the exact same age and I still can’t get over the change in ALL of your kiddos. Your girls(all 4 of them) are turning into beautiful young ladies and your young man is quite handsome! Mama and daddy better watch out. 😉

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