Mega Month of May!


Looks like the month of may has been pretty big for us!

We’ve grown in some interesting ways.

Not in “people” size but in vehicle size –

A little over  a week ago our second vehicle died making it time to find a new one or at least new-to-us one. We have been considering a full-size van for a while but we thought we would get a Suburban instead. Turns out Suburbans are just too small for a family of 7. Sure they fit us with a decent amount of space in between each child (not enough for their liking really) but there’s no room to bring anyone else along, no room to grow (if the Lord wills) and getting in and out would be a problem requiring climbing over seats, people, things, etc. Not ideal so we moved all the way up to a 12-passenger van.

It’s crazy. I can drive it but it is very strange to drive it when I have no kids with me. Grocery store runs by myself seem silly but the kids LOVE it.

Me? I’m getting used to it. There are no frills in a vehicle like this – in it’s former life it was probably an airport shuttle or rental company shuttle so it’s built to do just that – shuttle people from one place to another with little care of their enjoyment of the ride. While that’s a fine idea for me to take the kids back and forth to school long distance traveling is a whole different story. I have zero desire to travel back and forth to Florida (900 miles each way) with no TV/DVD  so we did add a little frill:

Yes, we now have TWO TV/DVD systems in the van. We originally paid for one slightly bigger TV but apparantly it would fit so for the same price they opted to give us two systems – the very cool thing is they can either watch 2 different movies (big kids in back – little ones in the front 2 rows) or the same movie shown on both screens. We have a few headphone kinks to work out with the dealership (or “dollarship” as Julianna calls it!) but other than so very cool!

And, so I don’t run over any little ones – my own or someone else’s – we had a back-up camera installed.

No other frills in the vehicle at all but it will make traveling and driving a bit safer and a bit easier!

It’s not exactly what I’d hoped for – I wanted anything but white (too work van like), I wanted a Chevy (it’s a Ford) and I wanted leather to make it easy to wipe off – it has cloth seats – but I am soooo thankful to have a vehicle that has room for the kids.

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 – we are thankful for God’s provision of a vehicle for us!

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  1. I like it! If we had any other kids at home I think we would have to consider something like that. I definetely know what you mean about the suburban. When we had more kids at home it was a pain but now we just have the trio so it works for us. Glad that you found something even if it wasn’t what you wanted intitially. 🙂

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