How’s Your Writing:Author Interview



Q: How’s your writing going?

A: Not bad but slow some days.

Q: What’s the problem?

A: The short version: I’m easily distracted.

The long version: I’m having trouble deciding between two different novels. This is the problem with my writing brain. It constantly comes up with plots – complete novels really. I can’t write as fast as my brain can come up with plots, characters and ideas. And while I try and tell myself to focus on one novel and finish it my mind wants to go on to another one. Add to that I’m having trouble with the main character of the novel I’m working on. She’s not connecting in my brain and I’m finding myself unable to really bring her alive on paper and if I can’t do that how will anyone connect with her? At the same time I find myself connecting with a new character in a new story! See my problem?!

Q: Couldn’t you write both?

A: I will but at the same time it’s hard. I have this thing about starting my novel on page 1 and continuing on till the end. Some people like to write in bits and pieces and then put it together but I can’t do it that way. I don’t outline either – I start at the beginning and put “one foot in front of the other” to go from one chapter to the next. So if I start a novel I want to complete it and not “jump ship”.

Q: Any other problems?

A: I have recently realized two things about myself:

1. I write my novels best in complete silence.

2. I hate complete silence. Yeah, it’s a problem. If novel-writing were a group effort I would be long done. Can’t help it, I like to be social. I also like Investigation Discovery but that’s another topic.

Q: What are you writing about anyway?

A: The genre I read and write is Christian Suspense. Not mysteries – there is a difference. I looked it up and found a pretty good answer HERE.

Q: But this particular novel, what’s it about?

A: The one I am currently trying to work on (when I don’t get side-tracked) is called Repay No Evil and I intend for this to be book 1 in a 3 book series. My main character is Ashley Parks, a Forensic Psychologist who works with traumatized and abused children; and sometimes those who witness a crime. Ashley’s job is to advocate for the children usually testifying in court on their behalf.

In this novel, Ashley has been asked to speak to a boy, Garrett who is thought to have witnessed his mother’s murder. What she uncovers is far worse than the death of one woman. With the help of Special Agent, Nate Zimmerman (yes, love interest!) they must track down the killer before any more women are murdered.

Q: And what’s your problem with the main character?

A: I know everything about her. Where she grew up, where she went to school, her friends, her family, her backstory (which is a big deal and plays into the story a lot). I know what she does and where she needs to go but I am having trouble figuring out what she looks like. This may seem trivial but for me this dictates a lot about who she is and missing that part of her is giving me all sorts of grief.

Q: How far have you gotten into your novel?

A: Somewhere around 60,000 – about 215 pages in – which means I have just over 100 pages to go or another 20,000 words. Though I’ll probably get somewhere around 100,000 words though I try and keep it under that.

Q: Shouldn’t you be writing right now instead of answering questions?

A: Yes, yes I should.

Q: Who is asking you these questions anyway?

A: Well, you are! Or me asking myself thinking as you. Did I mention that I don’t do well in complete silence?

Thanks for your interest in my writing! As always I need readers so if you fancy yourself a Suspense reader please let me know and I can send you chapters to read and you can tell me if you like it or not! And maybe you can tell me what a smart but very scarred (emotionally) Forensic Psychologist looks like!

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