How To Tell Triplets Apart


The girl’s preschool teacher wanted a day off. What?! Who said she was allowed to do that? Apparantly it was her birthday and she wanted to treat herself with a day off of work.

And that’s where I come in.

Thing is, I know LOTS of moms who substitute teach at their kid’s school or are full-time teachers but I am NOT one of them. When I went away to a Christian college I was probably the only one not majoring in Elementary Education. While I love teachers I have never desired to be one.

But when I was asked to help I said I would. Months ago and I’ve been terrified ever since!

The girls on the other hand couldn’t wait for me to be in their class all day.

We talked about me being their teacher for days leading up to the actual sub day. As a joke I kept telling the girls that I heard there were triplets in their class. They would giggle and say yes, there were. So, I asked them, how am I going to tell them apart?

In between all their giggling they gave me some pretty good tips! (Click on the link for the video – can’t figure out how to embed the video in WordPress)

How To Tell Triplets Apart

Turns out I survived the day (I know, I’m surprised too!) and the girls nametags do make it easy to tell them apart 🙂

Julianna’s Hard At Work!

Rachel Thinks Mommy Taught Her Well!

Alyssa Finds Snacktime To Be Her Favorite.

And since they never nap at home any longer I had to snap a photo of them sleeping at school. Of course by the time I got to it Alyssa had already woken up.

Oh well, she’s still cute.

Looks like someone’s awake.

Sleeping Beauty – I think she fell asleep first in the class.

One sub day down, one more to go. I hear that one will be harder because I have to do more teaching (they have music on Friday’s).

But at least this time I’ll know how to tell the triplets apart!

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