Triplets: Five Years Later


As March comes to a close I can’t miss the opportunity to look into the past, five years in the past to before the triplets could talk to each other, laugh with each other and of course, fight with each other.

Five years ago the girls were soo little!


They look so incredibly little! How can five years change a person so much?!

Today my girls are big enough to go to school and have “Donuts with Dad”

Five years ago my girls spent an awful lot of time screaming. I mean an awful lot. As I look back at my blog posts I see how often I wrote about it. I give birth to screamers. I don’t have the sweet little babies that coo and smile and wait patiently to be picked up. No, my kids screamed and wanted to be awake and in everything. Not much has changed. Well, they do scream a bit less.

While the screaming part has changed the fighting to eat has not. Five years ago the biggest fight was with Rachel, now it seems to be all of them and they ask constantly no matter what we’re eating “Can I be done? If I take one more bite then can I be done?” or Alyssa’s version, “How about 10 more bites mommy? Is 10 more bites okay?”

Five years ago this month they had their first taste of solid food and they were beginning to roll over.

Julianna at 4 months old – she weighed 13.12 lbs and her nickname was Leaky because she leaked constantly.

Today she is five years and four months old and she loves to take charge. She’s a girl who loves fashion and accessories. She wants to be a princess and to do everything perfectly all the time. She lives for affirmation and praise.

Rachel at 4 months old – she weighed 11.7 lbs and was nicknamed Little for obvious reasons. She has always been the smallest!

At five years and four months Rachel loves mommy and daddy. She sticks to us like glue whenever she can sometimes almost literally! We have to be careful when we pick her up because we might not be able to put her down! She loves to practice reading and color and she’s not an outdoor girl.

Alyssa at four months –  she weighed 12.8 lbs and was nicknamed Loud because her scream could make your blood curl. It was crazy how loud she could get!

At five years and four months Alyssa is full of energy. She loves to be read to – no matter how long the book is she loves to take it in though learning to read has proved a tad more difficult. Sometimes it frustrates her that her sisters are ahead but she’s quick to catch up and is willing to work hard to do it.

Not to be left out – Kaitlyn and Caleb have changed quite a bit in five years as well. I thought they were big five years ago and I think they’re big now, five years from now this will seem little. Amazing how time changes things.

And all five together!

Seems I need to take some more recent photos of Kaitlyn and Caleb! More photos in general. I’m slacking lately. I have been writing though and that’s the most important thing. Getting my novel done by June is my goal then get it perfected by August. Amidst all the other things I have to do shouldn’t be a problem…


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