Thank You For Your Bowl-A-Thon Support


I apologize for not having this post up sooner as the Bowl-A-Thon was actually last Friday but we have been dealing with the stomach flu for the past week. It has hit every kid in turn except Rachel though her constant complaints of “my stomach hurts” makes me think it’s only just a matter of time. Someone has been home from school every day but last Tuesday. Good for me (though bad for Kirk) is the kids pretty much only throw up when he’s around even when they’re home alone with me all day! Not sure how they manage that. We’ve also been juggling fevers and my lost voice last weekend so suffice it to say I haven’t been in the blogging mood all week.

But, today I’m going to give it a try and attempt to catch up because the Bowl-A-Thon is an important event in our family year as it is the one big fundraiser at school that we invite all of our friends and family to participate in sponsoring our kids. They LOVE to go bowling (probably has to do with the fact that they get to miss half a day of school to do it) and it helps the school out a great deal. And since the school has been gracious to work with our large family we are grateful to be able to find a way in helping to give back.

So a HUGE THANK YOU!!!! to all of you who supported our kids last week in their Bowl-A-Thon.

They did pretty well and were excited with their results. Even the little girls did pretty well with one strike and a few spares – using a ball guide and bumpers of course but still they made a great effort.

I was in charge of four cuties while helping out. The preschool class is 18 children large so we had to be divided up – these are all the K4 girls – hmmm, guess it’s a good thing for this class that I had all girls!!

As I do every year I have to have pictures of each of mine bowling 🙂 They are my favorite kids after all so what else is a mom to do?

Kaitlyn's Going For A Strike!

Caleb Is Serious About His Bowling!


You Can Do It, Julianna!

Hit Those Pins Rachel!

Go Alyssa!

The school and our family are grateful for all of you who care for our kids and their education! If you wanted to donate but didn’t have a chance yet feel free to send in donations late. Need the address? You can e-mail me for it:

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