Triplets: Five Years Later


Since I’m in the process of transferring blogs I don’t want to lose my posts from my old blog. Something that I thought would be fun (for me and hopefully for you) was to go back five years each month and see what it was like then and now. Obviously there’s a huge growth difference between three month old triplets and five-year-old triplets but I’m more interested in the life changes that have occurred for me and them.

The biggest change: less screaming – oh we still have whining and fighting and the occasional crying but there’s a lot less “lying flat on our backs and screaming our heads off” – this is probably what I’m most grateful for as that just doesn’t sit well with my nerves!

The smallest change: eating – it’s still a problem. Sure, they’re now eating more than just bottles but we aren’t fighting them any less. Doesn’t seem to matter what meal it is or what they’re served, they don’t want to eat it!

Some of my favorite photos from February 2007

I don’t miss all the screaming! I love this photo though because Rachel’s like “don’t worry, mom, I’ll take care of them for you!”

More floortime for my girls. Funny how I usually dressed them alike back then but in both of these pictures they’re wearing completely different clothes – go figure.

And since I didn’t do this last month a few photos from January 2007

Gotta love Bumbo seats! So thankful they can now sit up and walk by themselves.

Feeding time! I did love those bottles – they were soo easy to use and the girls ate pretty well with them (some of the time). Wish feeding was that easy now!

Five years ago I wrote:

What Frustration Is:

“I just have to share the most frustrating thing about my day and that is feeding time. Kirk and I just put the girls did to bed. And, God forbid, we attempted to feed them before putting them there. We are used to their screaming most evenings – that is pretty normal but when you are trying to feed a child who is refusing to eat you can imagine our frustration. Now multiply that times 3 and you have a small taste for how our evenings go. We sat with them for 45 minutes and while Rachel ate pretty well Alyssa and Julianna just screamed at Kirk and refused to take a swallow of their bottles.
What’s wrong with them? We have no idea, they are just screaming. Screaming while held, screaming while sitting in their chairs… Doesn’t matter, just screaming. Of course, if we quit trying to feed them they calm down. I don’t think our babies understand that they are supposed to eat a certain amount of food every day to stay alive. According to the doctor this is their body weight times 2 1/2 so that’s about 30 ounces a day for Julianna. I can’t even say we get close and after tonight’s feeding I know we’re not. I have no idea how these kids are growing!!”


What Bliss Is:

“An evening with the triplets with out too much screaming. There’s always some but tonight it was pretty minimal. Yea! I put the older 2 to bed while Kirk bathed the triplets – we began feeding at 9:30 and although Julianna didn’t want to eat right away she wasn’t screaming about it. The other two finished and then Julianna did too with a little encouragement from dad. All in bed by 10:15!!”

My definitions are a little different today:

What Frustration Is:

Not being able to complete a thought or task without being interupted many times. This usually occurs when I’m on the phone. Somehow they are oblivious to the fact that there is a phone connected to my ear and they must ask me for something or tell me something right then. It is often important information like reciting blend ladders or information about their stuffed animal. This frustration is tied with the tattle-taling/fighting that often occurs between the three of them. They have fought over things as minor as the instructions for a McDonald’s toy! Not the toy itself mind you but the instructions!

What Bliss Is:

When the three of them (even better the five of them) can all agree on what to play and they go and play together. The girls especially have their own little world with one another. They come up with games and go at them for hours. When they get along well and make each other laugh are the times I feel most blessed to have triplets. I hope and pray they keep the connection I see now for the rest of their lives.

Other Bliss: hearing any of them say they love me and getting a full night’s sleep. Can’t beat that!

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