Back To Five Kids – Bye Sue


For the past month we had a unique opportunity to host a short-term exchange student from Korea. She is all of 13 years old and speaks very little English but she got along GREAT with the kids and they are all sad that she is heading home.

I have no idea if she liked anything I cooked but she ate it all. I have no idea if she understood half the things we talked about but she gave it her best shot. She got to see DC, New York and Boston while she was here and hopefully enjoyed some American culture.

Kaitlyn made a good friend.

Caleb found a great building partner – they had a great time playing Legos and building with blocks. She colored with the girls and played all their silly games. They built forts in the basement and pretty much blocked off her room constantly. Guess who had to clean that up?!

I got to have 6 kids for a month, pack six lunches and plan for meals to feed 8 instead of 7. I kind of liked it! I can’t imagine sending my daughter across the world to live with a family I didn’t know for a month but I’m grateful to Sue’s mom (Jisu) for letting her be my “daughter” for a month.

Bye Sue, we’re going to miss you!

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